Standing up for Kindergarteners’ Rights

Gloria is loving kindergarten. At some point during her parent-teacher conference last week, the topic came around to her left-handedness, and her teacher amusedly shared this little tidbit:

Every time we go to the computer lab I help Gloria move her mouse to the left side of the keyboard before she starts her assignment. This week I was busy with another student when we first entered the lab and I forgot to fix Gloria’s setup. She raised her hand, and then with hands on her hips, said, “Mr. S, I can’t work like this!”




Cake or Death?

On our outing to Seattle Center today, Gloria noticed the signs for Seattle Children’s Theater and asked if she could see Stellaluna. I told her that we had tickets to see it two days before my birthday, which led to the following conversation:

GLORIA: What kind of dessert do you want for your birthday daddy? Do you want cupcakes or ice cream or cake or cookies or donuts?

KENNY: I hadn’t really thought about it. Those all sound pretty good.

GLORIA: But which one is your favorite. Cake? Ice cream?

KENNY: You know, I do really like ice cream cake.

GLORIA: Well daddy, you can’t have ice cream cake. It has too much sugar. After the frosting and the ice cream there’s too much sugar. You should just have the ice cream, I know how much you love ice cream.

If Gloria remembered the D’Ambrosio gelato cake we ordered for my 37th birthday maybe she’d change her mind. Smile