Monsoon Wedding

This being the monsoon season, Sean and Archana’s wedding reception last night required a few last minute changes due to a prolonged rainstorm. They were forced to abandon their beautiful setup on the lawn in favor of an alternate beautiful setup in the bar area, which offered a bit more protection from the dampness. Archana looked amazing in a blue and gold saree that her mother had designed for the occasion, and Sean was looking dapper in a suit. We were treated to some excellent performances by S & A’s friends and family, as a sort of informal sangeet. We even threw something together ourselves, dubbed “Jai Hora”.

Sean and Archana at reception
Sean and Archana enjoying the sangeet

By this morning, the storm had passed, and the sun shone brightly for the wedding ceremony. Archana had spent months preparing the landscaping in the front garden of her parents’ house for the occasion. Today it was beautifully decorated with orange and white streamers, jasmine, and marigolds, and the grass was strewn with orange cushions for the guests.

Of course, many of us foreigners were a bit confused at various times during the ceremony, but the couple had compiled a comprehensive program that helped us follow along as best we could.

Sridhar taking photos
Sridhar playing photographer, which his daughter apparently found amusing

Bride and groom
Bride and groom

Father and groom
Father and groom

Puffed rice
Dropping puffed rice into the fire


Kenny and Lauren

After the ceremony, we enjoyed a delicious and abundant vegetarian banana leaf feast in a tent that had been set up just across the street.

This may sound like it’s been an epic celebration already, but the festivities aren’t over yet! Tonight there will be a party for the “kids” at Jaaga, and then we all take off for a Jungle Retreat weekend early tomorrow morning.

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