Galu Beach

We’ve had a very relaxing four days here on the Kenyan coast. The conditions that make Galu beach a world-renowned kite surfing destination (fairly constant north/south winds, water free of rocks or obstacles) also result in wide expanses of level, pillow-soft white sand.

It’s been great to catch up on reading, swimming, and sand castle building. We were also fortunate to stay at the lovely Kenyaways, a small beach-front guesthouse staffed by some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. Not only did we have an amazing view of the sparkling blue water from our balcony, we also enjoyed consistently delicious food (review forthcoming), and excellent massages. The area is also home to large families of monkeys. We had two up-close encounters with monkeys on our balcony; one ran away when I stood up, the other was a thief that absconded with our closed jar of almonds!

Tomorrow morning we head to Zanzibar. While I’m excited to check out the famed spice island, I could also happily spend another week here…and maybe even learn how to kite surf. Here are a few photos, the full set is available on Flickr.

Galu beach
Site of our morning (and afternoon) walks

Camels on the beach
Camels on the beach

Lauren in the Indian Ocean
Lauren enjoying the Indian Ocean

Synchronized kite surfers

Big jump
Kite surfers in action

Sunrise over Galu beach

Enjoying the beach

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  1. Hey Kenny this must have been lovely experience…..i lam putting this on my wish list for places to visit the next time i will be in Mombasa

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