Nai Yang

There is an overwhelming assortment of beaches to choose from when visiting Phuket. While we enjoyed our two nights in Kamala during our last trip, we wanted to try something new this time. The Lonely Planet wasn’t particularly helpful, but after some reading between the lines and online research we settled on either Nai Yang or Nai Thon beach, on the northwest side of the island.

Since we didn’t have time to look into lodging options before heading to Thailand, I did some TripAdvisor searching during our extended layover in BKK. There was one place on Nai Yang, Sea Pines, that really stood out in the Bed and Breakfast reviews. At 7AM, just before boarding our flight to Phuket, I called Sea Pines with our newly acquired cell phone. I think I woke up the owner, who kindly informed me that she had one room left, for three nights. Three hours later, we arrived at Sea Pines, dropped off our bags, and headed to the beach to start our tried and true jet lag recovery routine. 

Turns out we made an awesome decision with Nai Yang. The water is very warm, crystal clear, calm, and swimmable all day. The wide, rock-free beach stretches for kilometers. The mostly family-owned food stalls have tables out in the sand, and we’ve found a couple of places with truly amazing food. We haven’t seen a tout during our entire stay, and while Nai Yang is far from deserted, the beach is remarkably un-crowded.

My only regret is that we have to leave so soon. I would love to stay at Nai Yang for another few days, but since we have to move out of our friendly B&B we’re sticking to our plan of ferrying to Ko Lanta tomorrow. I’m looking forward to our next visit, we’ll certainly be back for the fantastic food, awesome swimming, and uber-relaxation. Here are a few highlights, the full set is available here.

Coming back from a dip in the Andaman Sea

Lounging at Mr. Poon’s

Nai Yang borders a national park that is famous for its tall casuarina trees.

Lauren doesn’t look jet-lagged at all!

Sporting my new Thai bandana

My foot!


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