Frogner Park

My team finished our morning meetings early today, so we decided to get outside and catch a bit of Oslo sunshine before our 1:00. Watching us attempt to purchase tram tickets from the machine by the train station must’ve been high comedy for the locals; we eventually gave up on technology and acquired a Flexikort (pack of 8 tickets) from a helpful barista at the coffee kiosk in the information center. Then we boarded line #12 and made our way towards the Vigelandsparken stop.

Our destination was Frogner Park, set on 80 acres of land and home to over 200 nude human figures, cast in bronze by Gustav Vigeland during the 1920s and 30s. Some of them are decidedly weird, but the landscape is beautiful and makes a fun place to frolic while playing hooky from work for a few hours on a sunny winter day.

Dad Mom
Kids and adults

Raise the roof
Raise the roof

Snow-covered path
A nice picnic spot in summertime

Angry boy
Vigeland reportedly got his subject to make this face by giving him a chocolate bar… and then taking it away

Get off! Melting snow
Left: A sign that you may have too many babies…
Right: The sun was out long enough to start melting some of the snow

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