The Babajob office is located in Richmond Town, across from a hockey stadium (which makes for an excellent landmark when giving directions to rickshaw drivers). Next door was an empty lot until just a few months ago, when a few local community artists (our friends Freeman and Archana [a friend we haven’t actually met yet]) began work on Jaaga. A bit about it in their words:

Jaaga is a community space created to serve the arts, technology and social change communities in Bangalore. It includes web enabled co-work spaces, a cafe and a large multi-level public space for screenings, workshops, lectures and performances. Additionally there are several private spaces that select teams can use to develop their projects.

What stands there currently is a multi-level structure made out of pallet racks (the same materials used for shelving at Costco), covered with tarps. There are a few hammocks and bean bag chairs inside, but the furnishings are fairly sparse for now. The design of the structure actually reminds me a bit of the Dead Fish Tower in Siem Reap (minus the Thai food, dumbwaiters, and Apsara dancers). Since we arrived, Jaaga has hosted a game night and a couple of film screenings; the organizers have plans for gallery exhibitions and much more.

Because we spend much of our time next door, and Freeman often shares our office space, we have been able to watch some of the ongoing development at Jaaga as it unfolds. Currently Freeman is hard at work acquiring solar panels so that Jaaga can survive completely off the grid. He’s also talking about getting a pedal generator, which I would be extremely excited about so that I can start getting in some mid-day cardio workouts.

I need to get over there with my camera sometime soon.

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