I Shoulda Made a Left at Reykjavik

Our journey home from Oslo was supposed to be a simple matter of 14 hours in transit via Paris, arriving in Seattle on Monday around noon. However, little did we realize that we would be contenting with weather issues that even Lady Gaga was unable to overcome

Our 6:30am flight to Paris was delayed to 7:30, then 10, then 3pm. They were kind enough to provide us with food vouchers with each delay, but with the final update we were clearly going to miss our connection. So Air France re-routed us through Brussels for an overnight stay and departure Tuesday morning (via Atlanta). Updated ETA in Seattle: Tuesday night.

Or so we thought. An hour before departure our flight to Brussels was cancelled as they had run out of de-icing fluid. We were re-routed through Amsterdam, where we got on a train to the Brussels airport. At midnight (18 hours after leaving our Oslo hotel) we arrived at the airport, looked up at the screen of Tuesday’s departures, and discovered that our flight (as well as all other US-bound flights) was cancelled. This was probably the lowest point in any of my travels. We finally regrouped at the airport Sheraton, and after another hour long call we were booked on the Paris->Seattle flight this Thursday.

Things are looking up today. Sleeping in has helped immensely, and we are speeding along on the Thalys train to Paris. We should arrive around 5PM, which will give us a full day and two nights to soak in some unexpected deliciousness. Viva la France!

Free lunch
Lauren making the best of our food vouchers from Air France

Upper Crust bakery
We can verify this claim based on our 10 hour observation period in OSL

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