Today’s new tropical fruit was the lilikoi – Hawaiian passion fruit, usually referring to the yellow variety. They are nuttier, more bitter, less fluorescent, and not as sweet or tart as their purple counterparts. I didn’t love them standalone, though they worked well with our yogurt this morning. We also tried our hand with a lilikoi-pineapple milkshake – it was not quite as successful as our longan experiment. We were worried about overpowering the lilikoi with pineapple, but we shouldn’t have fretted – two lilikoi stood up handily to half of a large pineapple.

Overall, I will stick to purple (a.k.a. black) passion fruit – the wrinklier, the better.

Closed lilikoi
They look a bit like lemons, much larger and less wrinkly than their purple counterparts

Open lilikoi
Inside however, they look quite similar

Lilikoi-pineapple smoothie
My smoothie model trying out our concoction

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