Gloria’s Seattle Restaurant Tour–Month 1

Gloria turns one month old tomorrow. In her first month, she’s made quite the restaurant tour already, and her ratio of meltdowns to restaurant meals is unbelievably low. Here’s a list of Seattle eateries she has visited so far, in no particular order.

  • Vios – Gloria’s first restaurant experience was dinner at Vios. We went early, and I think there was a kid at every table. She’s also been back for lunch.
  • Pho Bac – we were reprimanded by our server for taking a newborn out of our house before she was 100 days old. Oops, we made an unintentional cultural faux-pas. The owner cooed and gushed over her though.
  • Gorditos – for the requisite newborn/Grande Burrito comparison photo
  • Mashiko – for my birthday. My first sushi in 9 months!
  • Tilth – for brunch
  • Marination Station – alas, our friends Kamala and Roz were on the truck when we visited the Station, but I’m sure we’ll have many  opportunities to introduce them to Baby G
  • Bluebird – Baby G screams for snickerdoodle ice cream
  • Pho Cyclo – it turns out it’s sort of difficult to hold a newborn in one arm while eating pho.
  • Agua Verde – for Boniato tacos, of course, no margaritas for Baby G
  • Jade Garden – Gloria already has a taste for dim sum, as she frequently consumed it in utero
  • Montlake Alehouse – who knew that alehouses were so kid friendly? Lots of dads with kids, watching the game. They even have a play area.
  • La Cote – this crepe place around the corner from us was surprisingly infant-friendly when we went for dinner with our friends Tracy and Dave.
  • Paseo – another favorite from when Baby G was still in the womb (good protein source). It’s a bit cramped though, and the only spot for her car seat was on the floor.
  • Szechuan Noodle Bowl – our little dumpling likes dumplings (the spicy vegetarian variety)

Pho coma at Pho Cyclo
In a pho coma at Pho Cyclo

Baby G found Mashiko a bit loud
Baby G found Mashiko to be a bit loud

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