Gloria Highlights, Week 6

Gloria’s Grandpa Gary and Grandma Lynn came to Seattle to meet her this week, and we had a great time. Our whale-watching trip was certainly a highlight, featuring a number of firsts for Gloria: her first long car ride, her first two (!) boat trips, her first time in Canadian waters, and her first time coming face-to-face with a large mammal.

Kenny and I also had our first “date” without the Globug while Gary and Lynn were here; the grandparents watched the baby while we enjoyed our 5-year anniversary dinner at Spinasse. It was fun, although of course we spent much of our dinner talking about our sweet baby. She was in very good hands while we dined, and we found her sleeping peacefully on Gary’s lap when we returned (apparently he stayed in the same position for 2 hours to avoid waking her).

Green Lake strollers
Babies at Green Lake: Charlotte, Jack, Lionel, and Gloria

Sporting some cool new shades near the University District farmers market

Dinner with Grandpa Gary
Getting her first feeding from Grandpa Gary

Hey! You!

Her first visit to Marination Mobile, wearing the awesome Marination shirt that Kamala and Roz sent

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