Gloria Highlights, Week 8

Week 8 was a quiet one in the Klauria household, with all of our guests having returned home and Kenny putting in some longer hours at the office to catch up on the backlog that accumulated while they were here. Gloria and I enjoyed low-key activities at home for much of the week. She flashed a few smiles, but I haven’t been able to catch any on film yet.

The week did end with a bit of excitement though – we took Gloria in for her 2-month well-child visit, including her first round of vaccinations. She clocked in at 11 pounds, 12 ounces, and 23 1/4 inches long. She handled her shots pretty well with just a bit of crying, but just as we were finishing up a Discovery Park nature walk a few hours later she started wailing in pain. I couldn’t do anything to console her, but was able to get home quickly and fortunately some baby Tylenol did the trick in short order. We’ll be better prepared for her 4-month pokes.

Hello monkey
Hello Mr. Monkey

Funny face 
I’m gonna pump you up

Tummy timeTummy time
Tummy time on the Boppy

Happy baby pose
Happy baby pose

Sweet babySweet baby
My sweetie

Touching toes

Shanghai Garden
Sleeping while mommy and daddy enjoy Szechuan eggplant

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