Gloria Highlights, Week 7

This week featured a multitude of visitors – Grandma Judy and Grandpa Paul arrived on Wednesday to beat the Labor Day rush. They had quality bonding time, and Grandma Judy (from memory!) put Gloria to sleep by reciting “Goodnight Moon.” Gloria also played host to Aunt Ilene, Uncle Erik, Vidya Auntie, and my college buddy Mark for the long weekend. She was delighted to meet so many exciting people!

We also took Gloria on her first trip to the mountains. Snug as a Glo-bug in her Moby wrap, she summited her first mountain on a family hike to Little Si. She didn’t even break a sweat.

Gloria and Grandma Judy
Comfy in Grandma Judy’s arms

Practicing her social smile
Practicing her social smile

Playing with Vidya Auntie
Chilling with Vidya Auntie

Family album cover
Pausing on the trail of Little Si for our family album cover shot

At the summit of Little Si
Hanging out at the summit of Little Si

Three Wolf generations
Enthusiastic about being with Daddy and Grandma Judy

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