Test Flight

This weekend we took Gloria on her first plane ride, to visit family in San Francisco. We prayed that the 1.5 hour journey would go smoothly, since it was also acting as a test run for a longer flight in November (yes, we are crazy and have already booked tickets to Thailand so that Gloria can meet her Burmese cousins).

While her parents still have some things to learn about travelling with an infant (in particular around flight timings), fortunately for us the Glo-bug is a born jet-setter. In order to catch our 7:30AM flight we got Gloria out of bed a few hours early, but she stayed comatose through an outfit change, transfer to her car seat, drive to the airport, and shuttle ride to the terminal. As advised by our friends, Lauren was all prepared to nurse Gloria during takeoff. However, the Glo-bug inherited her Grandpa Moose’s “pass out on planes” gene and did not require any assistance for the pressure changes.

On our return flight we realized how much Gloria loves airports. She had been a little fussy this afternoon, but the minute we stepped foot in SFO she was happy as a clam. She loved all of the lights and movement, and couldn’t get enough of the airplane views from our gate. Even though our departure was at 8:30PM, about 1.5 hours after Gloria’s witching hour, she was happy until we boarded the plane, at which point she promptly passed out (heredity kicking in again).

On the airport shuttle SEA to SFO with Daddy
Sound asleep for most of the journey, Gloria perked up at cruising altitude

Gateside pickup at SFO
Waiting for our gate-checked luggage; the captain had to stir things up for the car seats to arrive

Waiting for our flight home
Daddy, you’re embarrassing me in front of my new SFO friends

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