Gloria Highlights, Week 9

This week was chock full of highlights. Gloria slept 7 hours continuously one night (and is averaging around 6 hours for her long stretch). This weekend she took to the air for the first time and enjoyed a festive weekend with my in-laws in San Francisco. In addition to her test flight, we also had a Halloween test drive courtesy of a ridiculous cow costume from Grandma Sandra.

Finally, on her two month birthday today, Gloria fit into her first “3-6 month” outfit. We celebrated this event (and her good spirits today) with a brilliant passport photo shoot. They grow up so quickly.

Silly Uncle Shawnie
I want to eat the little fingers

Grandma H and Baby G Grandpa M and Baby G
Glowing grandparents

At the Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge could only keep the afternoon nap at bay for a few minutes

Three Lavoie generations
Three generations of Lavoie

Showing off her 3-6 month clothing
That’s right, I’m already in 3-6 month clothes, what you gonna do about it?

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