Thai Tom 2011: Final Match

Eggplant Ginger vs. Cashew Chicken

Eggplant ginger tofu Cashew Chicken

Yesterday for lunch, Gloria joined us at the Thai Tom counter for the championship match of 2011. She was enthralled by the cooking show and the occasional bursts of flame out of the stir fry woks.

Enthralled by the flames

After Match 6, the championship was a little anticlimactic; Cashew Chicken has been bested by Panang Curry in the past, so it was no surprise that Eggplant Ginger also took the Cashews to task. It didn’t hurt that Eggplant Ginger was ordered with tofu, which in my opinion is superior to the chicken at Thai Tom.

Final results of the Thai Tom 2011 Tournament

Gloria wants to dictate the time and place of the next Thai Tom Showdown, when she grows out of her disinterest in solid food. Thai Tom has at long last expanded their menu, so we will have to spend some time researching the initial qualifiers for the next match up. However, I expect it will include these solid contenders:

  1. Eggplant Ginger (#10)
  2. Panang Curry (#16)
  3. Cashew Chicken (#3)
  4. Pad Thai (#1)
  5. Swimming Rama (#15)
  6. Garlic and Pepper (#9)

Chilling at the counter
The next Thai Tom Showdown judge is ready for action!

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