Birthday of Champions

Lauren got me an amazing birthday gift this year – the Champion Juicer. We found out about the Champion Juicer at Banana Joe’s in Kauai, where they make a creamy, soft-serve ice cream-like product they call a “frosty”. Turns out, they simply freeze their fruit (banana or slices of pineapple) and run it through a Champion Juicer. The result is magic.

And now we can make these delicious frozen treats at home! We immediately acquired some bananas to freeze overnight, and in the interim tried our hand at fresh carrot juice (delicious).

The secret to the Champion is that it’s a masticating juicer, so it “chews” the food before pressing the results through a filter in the undercarriage. The filters are swappable, and we used the solid “homogenizer” for frosties (it can also be used to make nut butters, or even baby food when Gloria is ready).

I was giddy with excitement as we made our first banana frosty tonight, and the taste brought me right back to Kauai. Now we need to acquire a pineapple or two. It’s exciting to have a new way to brighten up our winters!

Champion Juicer
The Champion ready for action

Making our first homemade banana frosty

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