Gloria Highlights, Week 46

Gloria is working on two more teeth, and has found a new way to cope with the pain: sleep all the time. She has been taking epic naps (2+ hours, twice a day) and sleeping solidly at night. Based on our teething experience back in April, and everything I’ve read about babies, I suspect this is not typical baby behavior, but you won’t hear me complaining. Gloria has been a bit fussier than usual while she’s awake – fully expected – and not taking the bottle terribly well, but so far we’ve been getting through this teething episode relatively easily. The corner of the top right incisor broke through the gum yesterday, so we’re almost there.

I am extra grateful to Gloria for handling this latest round of teething so well, because I started a new job this week, and Kenny and I are test driving how we’re going to deal with the logistics of morning prep, meal planning, nanny-share pickups and drop-offs, commutes, and the like. We’re hoping that we can handle everything without caving and buying a second car, but we’ll see how it goes.

On Wednesday evening, Gloria took her first bath in the big girl tub, and she had so much fun that we wondered why we hadn’t tried it sooner. She still isn’t crawling, but she manages to cover quite a bit of ground by rolling to all of the places she wants to go – just like her mama did 30 years ago. She has taken to waving hello to everyone she sees, including her reflection in the mirror. Her nursery has a mirrored closet, and she starts waving in anticipation every time we enter the room, before she can even see the mirror.

This week, Gloria has also significantly increased her intake of solid foods, especially at lunch and dinner time (she’s still not a breakfast person). She particularly loves going out for noodle soup – generally at Samurai Noodle and Pho Ba – and this week she ate all of the tofu out of our pho, quite a few of the veggies, some big handfuls of noodles, and a few sips of broth. She also threw two pairs of chopsticks and seven soup spoons on the floor. We are generous tippers these days.

Big girl tub
First bath in the big girl tub

Funshine BearFunshine Bear and Daddy
Gloria always has big hugs for her stuffed animals, especially Funshine Bear

Double fisting
Double fisting a waffle and a banana

Too cuteToo cute
Being too cute for words

Trying to polish off a few more bug fixes before bedtime

Stop, in the name of love

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