Gloria Highlights, Week 59

This week Gloria had her "first day" at Seattle Hebrew Academy. While she can’t actually attend the early childcare program until she is walking, we partook in the kick off events on Thursday. Gloria met her new classmates and had lunch with them at the toddler table, sitting on a little 6-inch chair. It was a new experience for our Globug, and she really enjoyed having furniture that was just her size. She also loved crawling around the gym, which is probably the biggest indoor space she’s ever experienced.

Gloria’s mobility continues to accelerate. Gloria has gotten so fast and crazy that it’s almost impossible to get her dressed. She had dinner in only her diaper on Saturday, because Lauren couldn’t catch Gloria to put a onesie on her. Once at the table, she kept stealing our chicken and veggie burgers from us and tearing them into pieces (eating some, throwing some on the floor). She’s consistently pulling herself up to standing, and figured out how to climb stairs! Now when we want to wind things down, we need to close Gloria’s nursery door or she’ll escape while we’re trying to get ready for bed.

Due to Gloria’s extra energy and mobility, it’s been critical for us to find places where she can roam freely. On Friday, we had a successful excursion to the Woodland Park Zoo. We had a fun picnic of Paseo take-out in the nearby rose garden where Lauren and I were married (Gloria loves deconstructed Paseo chicken sandwiches, and black beans and rice), then we went inside to meet the animals. They were all a bit far away for her to get too excited about, but when we went to Zoomazium, an indoor multi-media play space, we struck gold. Gloria loved romping around with the other kids and climbing through the tunnel. We purchased a zoo membership and I expect we’ll be spending a lot of time in the Zoomazium this winter.

In general Gloria’s been taking epic naps, returning to our favorite of her teething-relief coping mechanisms (the left-bottom molar feels very close). She’s still on two naps a day, but on Saturday she slept in, so only took one nap; she had “quiet time” in her crib instead of her afternoon nap. I think it will still be a while until Gloria transitions to one nap a day, but this early test drive went well and she was in good spirits all day.

Grandpa Gary and Grandma Lynn came to visit for the long weekend. Unfortunately they were delayed 1.5 days by Hurricane Isaac, but Gloria still got some good bonding time with her grandparents, and we had some nice excursions to parks, restaurants, and farmers’ markets. They also got to witness Gloria’s last swim of the season in the Volunteer Park wading pool (they stop filling it with water after Labor Day). They were amused by Gloria’s latest obsession – rocking along to “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Baby G received a collection of Annie Kubler board books as a gift from her Aunt Di last week. She loves them all but is particularly fixated on Row, Row, Row Your Boat. She cannot get enough of it, and sometimes Lauren hides the book out of sight so that we don’t have to read/sing it to her 20 times in a row.

As for mealtimes, I think Gloria’s going through another growth spurt, as she’s been eating a ton. She had her first PB&J sandwich for lunch on Saturday, along with lots of food from Agua Verde. Sunday we had a farmers’ market picnic with tamales and black beans and tofu and more. Monday she gorged on Pho Ba chicken, broccoli, and tofu, then still found room for blueberries and gelato.

Our munchkin has always been a salmon fiend, but last night was a new high. Every time I thought she was satiated, she kept asking for more (and eating) both smoked sockeye and grilled white king salmon. She also had half of a corn on the cob. With her left-bottom molar almost through, Gloria is getting better at eating baby carrots with her little teeth – they probably feel good on those chompers and they are tasty too!

Dining on Paseo at the Rose Garden
Feasting on Paseo marinated chicken at the Woodland Park Rose Garden

Awesome hugs for daddy
Gloria’s been giving amazing hugs lately

Playing at Zoomazium
Roaming around Zoomazium

Climbing stairs!
I’m so close to freedom, just two more stairs!

Leading the cheers
Playing hostess at the head of the table

Stealing grandpa's Android
Grandpa, I’m going to play with your Android

Playing with Grandma Lynn
Look Grandma Lynn, the triangle goes on top

Choosing her gelato flavors
Daddy, I’m in the mood for pistachio and coconut today

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