Gloria Highlights, Week 66

Gloria still isn’t walking, but she’s definitely thinking about it. She’s cruising the furniture a bit more, taking steps while holding onto our hands, and is getting better at descending stairs. She can slide carefully down a staircase on her butt, while facing down, but what she really likes to do is hold our hands and take big (but careful) strides as she descends. We’ve tried to show her how to turn around and slide down backwards, but she’s not terribly interested in that method.

Gloria loves showing affection by blowing kisses – she’ll put her hand to her mouth, and utter a very loud “mwah” as she offers her kiss to the world. She also still gives mommy or daddy a kiss when we ask – sometimes even on the lips! She waves enthusiastically to everyone she sees at grocery stores, restaurants, and walking down the street, and most people wave back and offer her big smiles in return. I think she’s also started saying hello – or more like “hey” – when Kenny or I enter the room, although it’s hard to say for sure that we’re not imagining it.

On Saturday morning, Gloria slept in past 7:30, so we decided to try a one-nap day, something we’ve done only once before. We took Gloria out to the farmers market and Trader Joe’s around the time she normally takes her morning nap. By the time she went down for her nap around 11am, she was very sleepy but super sweet, and she went to sleep easily. The only thing that was odd about the day was figuring out how to schedule her meals, so she pretty much ended up grazing all day, eating two breakfasts and three lunches, and breaking into a package of cheese sticks while we browsed around TJ’s.

That afternoon, we hosted our birth class for another reunion, almost a year since the original reunion at our house. It was amazing to see all of the kids together again – walking, talking, flashing their baby sign language, drinking from real cups, and doing all kinds of other big-kid things they weren’t doing a year ago.

After having such a great day on Saturday, we were surprised that Gloria had a very hard time sleeping at night. She woke crying at 8pm with a dirty diaper, and after changing her it took quite a bit of effort to console her and get her back to sleep. Then she woke up a few other times during the night for no obvious reason. Of course, she could certainly be teething again. It’s also possible that she was overtired from her one-nap day and her night sleep suffered as a result. In any case, I expect her regular two-nap schedule will remain the norm for a while yet.

Perhaps inspired by her friend Charlotte at the reunion, Gloria has been practicing using a cup when she drinks water at mealtimes, and is doing a great job holding it herself and managing to get at least 20% or so of the water actually into her mouth. She’s also getting more proficient with her fork and spoon, and she generally insists on operating them herself when she eats, although she will allow us to direct her a bit or sometimes deposit food onto her utensil before she brings it to her mouth.

I once caught a fish that was this big

Diaper modelHeadband
Considering a career modeling diapers – or baby hair accessories

Storytime with mommy – learning about manners from Elmo

Attempting to recreate last year’s birth class reunion couch shot

G loves walking around the kitchen using this chair for support

One last book before bedtime

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