Gloria Highlights, Week 60

As Kenny mentioned last week, Gloria has learned how to climb stairs. After her bath the other night, she escaped and climbed naked up the stairs, while Kenny chased her with a diaper and I followed trying to capture the action on video.

Perhaps all of this exercise is making her extra hungry lately, because she has been devouring everything in sight. Gloria has a newfound love for steamed carrots, especially the funny purple ones from the farmers market. She has always loved burritos, but now she eats everything, including the cilantro (rather than choking on it). She loved stealing and eating my bagel with lox and tomato during breakfast this weekend. And she loves dips – hummus, babaghanoush, etc. on pita. Kenny made up a song about babaghanoush – it’s basically just the Addams Family theme song, but he sings “babaghanoush” before the snaps – and Gloria likes to dance along while Kenny sings the song and she slurps the yummy eggplant dip off a piece of pita.

Gloria’s left lower molar broke through – actually it might have come partially through last week – the dot that we had thought was her canine way back before she had any teeth was actually part of her molar peeking through the gum line for all these months.

She’s also learning some new ways to show affection. When Kenny or I give Gloria a kiss, she makes kissy noises as well. And she is getting better at being “gentle” – with constant reminders from us – when she touches our faces.

G is still obsessed with the Row Row Row Your Boat song/book – in order to preserve our sanity, we’ve added I’m a Little Teapot into the rotation.

Cal Anderson bathingCal Anderson bathing
Bathing beauty at Cal Anderson Park

Washing up after breakfast
Washing up after breakfast

Miller Park fountain
Taking a dip at Miller Park

Yay for Zoomazium!

With mommy
Posing with Mommy

Helping with the dishes
Helping with the dishes

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