Gloria Highlights, Week 104

Almost inconceivably, Gloria will be two in just a few days (how did that happen?). With her little brother due to arrive in two months and the realization that Kenny and I can’t possibly sustain our past cadence of Gloria updates forever (unless we quit our jobs and start doing this full-time), two years seems like as good a time as any to retire the weekly Gloria posts. Of course we’ll continue sharing photos and stories about Gloria and her adventures – and soon there will be photos and stories about two LaWolf munchkins – but I expect they’ll be centered around particular events or themes in future.

And so, how was Gloria’s final full week of her second year? Well, coming off the high of a four-day weekend with Grandpa Moose seems to have been a bit jarring for her, and we had some difficult morning dropoffs at “camp.” Gloria was a bit clingy and needed some convincing to say goodbye to Daddy and join her friends and favorite teacher. That being said, she seems to be having a blast at camp and she loves to tell us about the morning’s activities each afternoon.

Gloria has also been thrilled to have her 6-month-old cousin Keegan living in Seattle. She says “Baby Keegan” in her cute singsong-y voice, with a big smile on her face whenever we talk about him. She has also learned that Keegan’s mommy is “Aunt Tiffany” although she has not learned how to address “Uncle Stu” yet. We saw Baby Keegan twice this week, and both G and K had nothing but big goofy smiles for each other. Kenny and I are excited that Gloria is getting some exposure to a baby in advance of Baby Boy Wolf’s arrival.

One of our dates with Baby Keegan this week was our neighborhood’s annual Bastille Day Festival – but the outing nearly didn’t happen because Gloria woke up in a bit of a funk on Saturday morning. She was warm to the touch and we thought she might have a low-grade fever, although the thermometer debunked that suspicion. Gloria didn’t eat much all day and wanted to be held more than usual, so we started to suspect that the second set of molars were on the move but we really did not know. We decided to have a low-key morning at home. We inflated and filled Gloria’s kiddy pool in the backyard, which was a fun way to bask in the July sun. And then we did decide to venture out for the Bastille celebration, which was a nice diversion. In spite of Gloria’s disinterest in food for much of the day, she was rather enthusiastic about the chocolate ice cream cone we purchased in exchange for two food tickets. One of the things that I’m always so proud of Gloria for is her willingness to share things that she enjoys; when Aunt Tiffany asked for a taste of her ice cream, Gloria happily handed the cone over to her so she could sample it.

Gloria was in much better spirits today – perhaps that ice cream cone cured whatever had been ailing her? We’re looking forward to celebrating her birthday with family and friends next week.

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