This morning at 8:04am we welcomed Micah Robert into the world. He weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces and measured 20.5 inches long.

In contrast to his big sister’s arrival, Micah took his sweet time. At our 38 week appointment our doctor quipped “you’re 2 weeks late!” This last month was a new experience for us. Turns out that the final four weeks are when you get really big and uncomfortable. With Gloria, Lauren never got to the point that she’d had enough, but this time my wife was ready to be done. At our 40 week appointment on Thursday, our doctor noted that she was on call that evening if we wanted her to deliver a baby that night.

She must have cast a spell, because conveniently enough, at 3:40am, one day before Micah’s expected due date, Lauren gently woke me. It was clear that she was working hard through contractions. At Lauren’s 40 week appointment yesterday she was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced, and this being our second child, we expected labor to progress much more quickly this time around. We weren’t disappointed.

Our doula met us at home around 5am and after working through another 45 minutes of contractions we left Gloria in the dependable care of Grandma Helene and drove to the hospital. By the time we made it through triage and started to settle into our hospital room (around 6:30am), Lauren was 9cm dilated. At 7:45am the doctor broke Lauren’s water, and Micah was crowning by the first push. Three more pushes and he was born, after about 5.5 hours of labor. Lauren was an absolute rock star.

Witnessing the birth of my child was just as miraculous the second time around. Micah looks very much like Gloria did at birth, so this time I can say he looked about how I would have expected; with Gloria I had no idea at all what to expect. Micah was born with an impressive amount of dark brown hair, even more than Gloria (our doula quoted me saying “that’s how we make them”). This time Lauren was able to cuddle with our child for a few minutes before we cut the cord (Gloria had kept us on too short a leash for that to be possible; at ~6 inches it was one of the smaller umbilical cords our doctor had ever seen).

Micah’s doing great and has been eating almost nonstop since birth. I don’t think Lauren and I will quite be able to manage the weekly diary for Micah that Gloria had, but we will do our best to regularly post pictures and stories about our second born.

Very pregnant
“2 weeks late” at 38 weeks

Laboring away
Lauren hard at work right after we got into our room. Lauren endorses the “tube top” EFM holders as far more comfortable than the old-style belts

Smiling in labor
9cm and still smiling!

Fresh out of the womb
Micah’s first breaths; still covered with vernix, and with a much longer cord than Gloria’s

Cutting the cord
Once again I got the privilege of cutting my child’s cord

Posing with our doctor and new son
We did it!

Sharing the news
Sharing the news with all the expectant grandparents

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