Things That Make Micah Smile

Micah is generally a very easygoing and happy little dude, although he has been through a couple of moody phases already, in which he has been clingier and a bit more difficult to entertain. I assume these periods were associated with developmental milestones, although of course it’s always difficult to tell what’s going on with these little ones given their very limited ability to communicate. On Micah’s fussier days, tricks from the handy list below are sure to get some smiles – and adorable little giggles – from our cutie pie.

  • “Pop Goes the Micah” song – Gloria uses Micah’s monkey toy to “chase” him around while we sing and we “pop” him up by lifting his legs and tuchus at the end of the verse
  • Various other kids’ songs, like “This Old Man,” “The Ants Go Marching One by One,” “Row Row Row Your Boat” or “Baby Beluga”
  • Singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” – Micah lying on his back, the “spider” walking up his tummy to his chin
  • Reading The Foot Book while helping Micah do an interpretive dance with his feet
  • Sliding Micah’s long sleeves off his arms (I have no idea why he thinks this is so funny, but he cracks up every time I change his clothes)
  • Tickling him under his chin, like tickling a frog’s tummy
  • Pushing his knees into his chest while he’s lying on his back
  • Similarly, bicycling his legs while he’s on his back, especially if you sing Queen’s Bicycle Race while doing so
  • Tummy raspberries
  • Doing arm curls with Micah as the barbell
  • Doing an airplane with Micah flying on your knees
  • A tame version of the Lone Ranger routine that Gloria loved as an older baby; or just bouncing him on your knee while humming just about any song
  • Lying next to him on the floor and singing – he’ll usually roll onto his side to face me while I’m singing
  • Holding him in a standing position and helping him march his legs
  • Looking in the mirror and pointing to various facial features while saying, “this is Mommy’s nose, this is Micah’s nose” (etc.). This is less certain to get a laugh than some of the other activities on this list, but sometimes it’s a big hit.
  • Big sister G

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