Micah Paternity Leave, Week 1

On Monday I started paternity leave – 12 weeks to spend bonding with my son. It’s been challenging for me to get extensive one-on-one time with Micah while his older sister is around, so it will be nice to have some uninterrupted play time.

The one aspect that filled me with some trepidation was bottle feeding, as things were disastrous with Gloria when I began my first paternity leave; every feeding was a fight and she’d take maybe 8oz/day. Fortunately we prepared Micah a little better, and he did great with the bottle this week – 18-20 during the 8 hours Lauren spends away! He’s also a great napper – no rocking to sleep necessary, I just feed him, put him in his crib, and hand him a lovey. He gets a big smile on his face, curls onto his side, and goes to sleep. If only this compliance would start happening for Micah’s night sleep.

I’ve also been blessed to kick off my leave with an extended visit from my brother-in-law. So I’ve been lucky enough to have adult conversations as well as infant cuteness in my day. During the nap downtimes we’ve been racing with each other on who will finish the CodeAcademy Ruby class first.

Shawn has also motivated me to join him with a daily exercise regimen of either P90X3 or a seven minute workout. Micah has been very solid with his sitting, so we occasionally work out with him facing us and he’s greatly entertained to see us jumping around the room.

Micah’s been very enthusiastic about his solid foods. On Monday he smeared sweet potato everywhere (including some in his mouth), and he really loves his rice cereal. When we went out to Volunteer Park Cafe, Micah consumed about 1/3 of a large banana. He’s sitting in a booster seat at the table with the family, though we still use his tray for now.

We’ll see what next week brings – Micah’s been coming down with a cold the past few days and is now pretty congested. He woke up many times last night and finally calmed down after a dose of Tylenol. Poor cutie.

Family breakfast time – Micah’s not quite digging the yogurt yet

That hair – I understand why it’s the first thing most people comment on

Teeth – so close and yet so far

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