March Highlights

The first half of March was not a good time for our family, health-wise. Unfortunately, I expect I will always remember Micah’s first Purim Carnival as the one that he and I both spent covered in vomit (apologies for the imagery).

It started with Micah on the night of the 4th, most of which was spent ejecting his dinner. He ended up getting a little bit of sleep in spurts while Kenny held him, first rocking in our glider chair and later snuggling in the guest room bed. A few days later, when he had been keeping food down for 24 hours, we thought we’d try to take him to the Purim Carnival at school, but that was a mistake – he had his relapse in my arms while we were waiting in line for a balloon animal. He had another episode an hour later while we were at Walgreens buying Pedialyte. Gloria’s symptoms started that afternoon – and we had another night featuring very little sleep and several loads of laundry. Starting at 1:30AM I experienced my own bout of vomiting, observing that, ironically enough, I had escaped my entire first trimester without vomiting, but here I was in my second with a nasty stomach bug.

Over the next couple of days, everyone’s appetites improved and our vomiting episodes reduced in frequency – although there were a couple of times that we thought everyone was healthy again only to be unpleasantly surprised. My dad came for a visit the weekend of the 14th for Shawn and Amanda’s Pi Day housewarming party, and by then everyone was strong and healthy. For some reason, we ended up eating breakfast foods for all of our meals that day (pancakes for breakfast, bagels and lox for lunch, eggs for dinner), but we were just thrilled to see the kids exhibiting healthy appetites again.

The second half of the month – when everyone was healthy again – was markedly more peaceful. I’m starting to get bigger, but I’m still relatively comfortable and able to run around and play with the kids almost as much as usual. It certainly requires quite a bit of energy to keep up with them! Micah has discovered and embraced a favorite game of Gloria’s, which she calls “Minnie Mac” – in which they chant the second verse of “Gilly Gilly Good Shabbat” while running around the island in our kitchen. With hats on – always with hats. In fact, if you put a hat on Micah, he starts running. Micah has also joined a “parent-tot” class at the same gym where Gloria does gymnastics, and I’m hoping to attend as many times as I can while I’m still able.

Micah’s communication is improving, although he – along with the rest of us – is still frustrated by his limited ability to describe his world. But he now consistently says “daddy” (or “dada”), “nana” (for banana), and “yeah,” which is better than nothing. He makes “vroom” noises for his cars and fire trucks, and he is working on a siren sound. His receptive communication and signs continue to be amazing. He can point to any part of his body or member of his family when they are named, he just hasn’t figured out how to utter the words.

Micah idolizes Gloria, and will go along with any ridiculous scheme she proposes. She enjoyed her first “chapter book” from the library this month, which was about “Amy the Amethyst Fairy,” and she asked me to make her a pair of purple wings out of construction paper. Then she dressed Micah up in her ladybug wings and christened him “Scarlet the Garnet Fairy.” The two of them pranced around the play room in their fairy wings, laughing and having a blast. For several days after, Micah wanted to don the ladybug wings every time he saw them.

Gloria still loves imaginative play, and it often takes the form of assuming a different role or character – and then insisting that we play along. One morning before school, Gloria decided that she was “Ruby the dog” and she insisted on putting socks and shoes on all four “paws” before school. I suppose it was entertaining, but we were running late and got super annoyed with her. Her teachers, however, thought it was adorable. The pre-school director said, “Gloria is so creative, she’s going to be a great writer or something.”


Gloria and MicahGloria and Micah are best friends

Story timeStory time with Daddy

Spaghetti and meatballsSpaghetti and meatballs!

Sibling loveSibling love

FairiesScarlet the Garnet Fairy and Amy the Amethyst Fairy

Chocolate covered matzahMaking chocolate-covered matzah with Grandma

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