Bunny Clock

We’ve had a rude awakening lately. For a long time we were almost guaranteed that Gloria would stay in bed until around 7AM before calling us down. However, a few weeks ago her once solid circadian rhythms went off balance. Gloria started calling us at random times – like 3AM – thinking that it was time to get up for the day.

Fortunately we had some preparation for this scenario – last year Lauren’s co-worker had mentioned a similar situation that he rectified with the help of a special bunny clock. This brilliant device has a split screen with two bunnies – the top one is awake and the bottom one is asleep. At the desired times (you can set a wake up time for the morning plus another one for naptime), the lit LED switches from behind the bottom panel to another one behind the top panel.

After the bunny clock arrived we let Gloria unpack it and we explained how it worked. When she called me down at 5:30AM I pointed out that the bunny was still asleep, so it wasn’t time to wake up yet. It took two days for the bunny to work its magic.

Now Gloria calls one of us down at 7AM, and when we walk in she exclaims with delight, “the bunny is awake!”

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UPDATE (4/26): Three months later the Bunny is still working like a champ.

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