For most of our time in India, Kenny and I will be in Bangalore helping out at Babajob, a startup founded by a very good friend of ours from Seattle. Sean left Microsoft about 2 1/2 years ago to focus on Babajob full-time. Babajob’s mission is to help service industry workers rise up out of poverty by connecting them with better job opportunities. It’s basically for poor people who don’t necessarily have computers but rely heavily on their mobile phones and especially SMS.

Sean has a whole array of possible projects for us to choose from while we’re here; I think we’ll end up creating a mixture (a masala, if you will) of new feature work, some site redesign, some dev hiring, and some IT support while we’re here. One thing I’m excited about is the opportunity to learn a bit about how business gets done in India. And of course we’re both excited to work with Sean.

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