An Adventure

Ever since Kenny and I had any inkling that we might spend a significant portion of our lives together, we’ve been talking about spending some of that time in a foreign country. We both love to travel, but our yearly or biyearly two-week vacations offer only glimpses of the countries that we visit. We’d like to experience a place as more than just tourists.

We originally planned to find jobs overseas, and we did some research on tech opportunities in London and Paris. But a fateful slideshow-viewing of our friend Aaron’s trip around the world inspired us to think outside the box: we started to consider leaving our jobs for a year and embarking on a completely different kind of adventure. The plan has evolved into a year-long “sabbatical,” during which we will visit a few countries for extended stays, to do volunteer work and some sightseeing on the side. We don’t know where we’re going yet, but our current research is focused around south Asia and east Africa.

While we’re away, we’ll use this blog to post photos and stories of our adventures. And for now, we’ll use it to document some of our research and planning, which should be useful to anyone planning a similar kind of adventure, and may even be generally interesting. ;)

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  1. Hi i saw your adventures ,it is really amazing,fantastic and wish to adventurous people like you. Presently you are in creart in pondicherry.Through web i understand that creart is from mexico ( US)

    Take care and regards

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