Kerala Bananas

One of our stops during our houseboat trip was at a village market to stock up for dinner. They had fish, vegetables, and a ton of bananas. Suji, our captain and chef, told us that the green bananas were not under ripe, but rather were a local sweet banana that were great to eat with breakfast. There were also red bananas that Archana insisted we try. We bought a kilo of each. It wasn’t enough: they were both far better than any bananas I’ve ever had. They are sweeter and more intense – more “banana-y”. The red ones are a little wider and slightly softer and sweeter than the green ones. There’s a grocery store in Bangalore that sometimes stocks the red bananas, so I get my fix there. For the green bananas I’ll just have to go back to Kerala (twist my arm)!

Red bananas!

Green (and yellow) bananas!

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