Planning Progress

I haven’t written here in quite some time because our lives have been crazy and completely disorganized as we try to sell our condo and figure out where the heck we’re going this year. But we’ve made quite a few developments:

  1. We’ve officially arranged for time off with our employer. Kenny is “out” to everyone at work, but I’ve only started telling my co-workers.
  2. We have dates worked out – our last day in the office is September 18.
  3. We have plane tickets for the first leg of our journey – which is actually a work trip for Kenny – a week in Shanghai, flying out on September 19.
  4. We have some rough ideas of what we might do this fall – more about this later, but we’ll most likely be in Nepal for a couple of weeks followed by India for a couple of months.
  5. We are contacting NGOs and filling out applications for opportunities in Africa starting in January. We have nothing solid worked out at this point.

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