Ragi Waffles

Kenny and I had a fun breakfast experiment a few days back, attempting to replicate the delicious ragi rotis we enjoyed at Hallimane here in Malleswaram. This was no easy task! Getting the thick batter of ragi flour, water, minced onions, and dill to stick together when transferring it to the frying pan is quite the challenge. Actually flipping the pancakes over to cook the second side is quite near impossible. The end result was tasty but definitely not pretty.

I know that the cooks at Hale Maane have a bit of an advantage – they have a flat grill surface, and they spread the batter out onto a wax paper circle for transfer purposes. For some reason, none of our local grocery stores seem to stock wax paper.

Refusing to give up the ragi roti question, I later had an epiphany – why not employ Archana’s trusty waffle iron to make ragi waffles instead of rotis? I made the batter thinner this time (more water) so that it would be pourable, and the waffle iron produced perfect crispy brown ragi waffles. They taste very similar to rotis, but are much easier to make. We served them with a dollop of dahi (yogurt) and a bit of dill and minced onion.


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