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We had arguably the best Thai food I’ve ever had on Nai Yang beach in Phuket. Among the crowd of beachfront restaurants is a gem of a place: Sumalee Seafood. The owner and chef, Sumalee, is a very sweet lady who turns out amazing curries, salads, and other Thai fare. And when you order “spicy!”, it can knock you out of your seat. Our first meal there was a lunch of spicy mango salad and massaman curry. The mango salad was fresh, crunchy and very spicy. Lauren and I rated it “6 star” spicy as it was spicier than any Thai food we’ve had. We chatted with Sumalee after lunch and she told us she used 3 chilies, and for herself she normally uses 1. The massaman curry was quite tasty, similar to the one served at Jamjuree.

The next day we had panang curry and phad see iw for dinner. The panang was reminiscent of the one we made in our Chiang Mai cooking class last year –  a full-flavored, medium dry curry with overtones of lemongrass. It’s always a good sign when panang is a darker brown/yellow color. This curry was so good we came back for another helping today for our final meal in Phuket (this time with vegetables) .

After each meal Sumalee would bring us a few fresh fruits as a complimentary dessert. I think this tradition started because she was swamped on our first visit and the food took a long time to arrive. Nonetheless, we continued to be treated to mangos, watermelon, bananas, and rambutan on future visits. :)

spicy mango salad
Super spicy mango salad, fresh and delicious

Sumalee and Lauren

panang prawns
Panang Goong, as good as it gets

Kenny enjoying a pineapple and coconut shake
Enjoying a tasty and refreshing coconut+pineapple fruit shake

Sumalee and her son
Alas, we eventually had to take our leave of Nai Yang beach and Sumalee Seafood

Sumalee Seafood
Nai Yang Beach
Phuket, Thailand

Daily: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

11 thoughts on “Sumalee Seafood”

  1. Hi Guys – Sumalee looks so sweet and what a great chef – can almost taste the food. All of the food looks great – and the relaxation – you deserve it. love, m

  2. hi there,
    I am going over there next year and was thingking of staying at the seapines too….I thought it was not advisable to eat salad in thailand? correct me please

    cheers alison

  3. Alison, we have eaten innumerable fresh salads in Thailand and they have all been sanitary and delicious. It’s a personal decision what you choose to eat when you travel, but in Thailand I would encourage you to indulge in street food and fresh salads. Otherwise you will miss out on some of the best food Thailand has to offer. Cheers and enjoy your trip!

  4. Wooooowwww!! So nice to see that you write the same things about Sumalee. Best cook on Hat Nai Yang Beach and a very, very nice lady. She taught me how to cook a proper Thai curry, Tom Kha Kai and more. I wil never forget her!

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