Mai House, in the Middle of My Beach

After five nights in Nha Trang, we tired of the incessant calls of “You buy! You buy something? You buy!” and flew to Phu Quoc Island, in the Gulf of Thailand off the southern coast of Cambodia. Phu Quoc island is much quieter than Nha Trang, with warmer, crystal clear water. Long Beach, the main developed beach on the west side of the island, has endless white sand in all directions.

We’re staying in a beachfront bungalow on the north half of Long Beach, at the nicest room in Mai House (courtesy of it being the last room available). There’s less “happening” here, but when you’re a stone’s throw from the beach, that’s quite okay.

Sunrise on our porch
Starting the day with the sunrise view from our bungalow

Just like in Mandrem, we’ve settled into a relaxing daily routine. Breakfast doesn’t begin until 7:30AM, so we wake up around 6:30AM for some sun salutations in the cooler morning air (the sand is a bit deep on the beach so jogging isn’t a viable option). We then head to our buffet of tropical fruit and made-to-order eggs. We’ve been having fun practicing our presentation skills with the fruit:

Fruit plate

Mai House has wi-fi available in the restaurant area, and after breakfast we’ve been catching up on some blogging.

Morning blogging
Blogging with a view

When it warms up a little, around 9AM or so, we head over to the loungers for a morning of swimming, reading, and the occasional Scrabble game. We also get in a long walk on the beach. :)

Scrabble on the beach

Long beach

After a hard day’s lounge, we clean ourselves up and enjoy the sunset from the restaurant deck. The early evening is a great time for us to catch up on photo editing and some more blogging.

Lauren doing some sunset blogging

Overall, it’s a rough life we have here at Mai House. For more information, check out the Mai House brochure with its lovely tanned model:

Lauren modeling for Mai House

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