Interesting idea for securing valuables

I was pointed to a list of useful travel gadgets, which is primarily interesting for the comment stream. In particular, I thought this was an inventive way of storing some extra cash or passports:

It’s not exactly a gadget, but whenever I trek-travel, I wear a low-profile sports kneepad: cut a slit at the top, remove the foam insert, and what’s left is a pouch that’s just the right size to hold my passport, immunization docs, a list of emergency contacts and emergency cash. Check out the Tachikara TK-2000 Volleyball Knee Pads ($17.99) or the Wilson Flex Senior ($12.99), both avail on Amazon

1 thought on “Interesting idea for securing valuables”

  1. We just got our volleyball knee pads in the mail from Amazon, and Kenny ripped open the seam as suggested to make a little pouch. They look like they’ll work great!

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