Home Improvements

Last night we went shopping to start personalizing our new apartment. The first stop was the local equivalent of a “dollar store,” where we hit the jackpot. We got an over-the-door coat-rack, two plates, a bowl, eight dish rags, a peeler, two fork and spoon sets, a hanging shower rack with mirror, a plush hand towel, and a bright green wastebasket. Total cost: 189 Baht (under $6).

We also wanted to acquire a hot water kettle, as we’ve gotten used to using one for oatmeal and tea in the morning. I went back to the purveyors of our Phillips rice cooker and, for 260 Baht (< $8), acquired a brand new Duomo CK-20 two liter, 1350W, awesome cordless kettle.

We’re planning to find and hang up some wall decorations, but needed to leave something for later. Here are some pictures of the new digs:

View from our balcony
The mountain view from our third floor balcony

Door hook Shower rack
New hanging accessories: our “coat rack” and shower basket

Kitchen area
Our kitchen nook, with homemade peanut butter, fresh fruit, and new cordless kettle

Little vid on our balcony
Little Vid enjoys the morning sun on our deck

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