The Bangalore neighborhood where we are living is called Malleswaram, and is located northwest of the city center, about halfway between the Babajob office and the airport. Many people have told us that we’re living in a very “traditional” or “old-fashioned” neighborhood. This is because its inhabitants are mostly “Tam-Bram” (Tamil-Brahmin) families who have been here for several generations. Archana’s family is  one of them; she told us that her grandfather played a key role in the urban planning of the neighborhood, including choosing the locations for its Hindu temple and the produce market that we visit several times a week.

The commute to work from this part of town is rough, but the neighborhood offers several advantages: abundant vegetarian food, including classic Tam-Bram hangouts like Veena and Hallimane; a busy commercial street, where one can buy anything from jeans to yoga mats to engagement rings to mailboxes; the aforementioned produce market, with good prices on beautiful tomatoes, butter fruit, onions, coriander, and curry leaves; proximity to Archana’s parents, who frequently invite us over for delicious meals made by their illustrious cook; and a very non-touristy residential feel.

Our home

One customer, an army of staff waiting to help. But no answers.

Kenny at our front gate, and enjoying a coconut with Archana at the market

If it sounds too good to be true…

Update 12/19/2009: Added a link to Kenny’s Veena review.

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