Channa Masala

In the latest chapter of our Indian culinary experimentation, Kenny and I made our first attempt at channa masala last night. Incidentally, the recipe we decided to use came from a chef in Seattle (well, from her husband) who recently opened a pizza place called Delancey (haven’t been yet).

Mindful of the recipe’s explicit instructions, we took care to caramelize the onions for a very long time. We followed the recipe closely, although of course wherever it called for canned produce, we used fresh (you can’t buy cans of tomatoes or chickpeas in India). When we reached the end of the recipe, we basically had a pot full of chickpeas in tomato sauce with some spices mixed in. It was way too tomato-ey and tasted more Italian than Indian. But the recipe does say, “Taste, and adjust the seasoning as necessary.” So we did. We kept adding more water and spices and reducing, adding more spices and reducing, until the sauce turned from red to brown and tasted more like channa masala than channa marinara.

The end result was delicious, but next time I may look for another recipe that offers a better approximation of the spice to tomato ratios. We served the channa with dahi and ragi pancakes, a variation on the ragi waffles recipe that we invented a few weeks back.

As the recipe predicted, the leftover channa tasted even better the next day as lunch in the office!

Channa masala, dahi, and ragi waffles

Channa masala, dahi, and ragi waffles

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