Snacks and Splashing

Today is when I really “got” Songkran. The Water Festival occurs right smack in the middle of the hot season, and I’ve got to say that there really is no better way to deal with > 42°C weather than getting doused with water every few minutes.

We spent most of the day at Lauren’s NGO, where the activities consisted of cooking, hanging out, and lots of sneak-attach splashing. There were no super-soakers to be had; instead everyone used either a bucket or a bowl as their weapon of choice in our water fights. Everyone took a little mid-afternoon break from splashing, and Lauren’s co-workers showed us some videos of the celebrations in Burma, where they go absolutely nuts in the bigger cities.

It was great fun, and the level of intensity was just right for me here in our quite mountain town.

Lauren gets soaked
Lauren’s Songkran welcome

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