In Bangalore!

Yesterday we flew from Kathmandu to Bangalore via Delhi. It was much more of an adventure then we expected. To kick things off, even though we had booked the entire route through Jet Airways, they weren’t able to check us all the way through to Bangalore. Which meant that when we arrived in Delhi, went through customs, and caught the shuttle to the domestic terminal (a process of about 1.25 hours) we still didn’t have our boarding passes for the Delhi->Bangalore flight.

When we arrived at the domestic terminal, the guard wouldn’t let us into the terminal without a printout of our confirmation page. Which meant we had to go to the ticketing building next door and have them print out our confirmation page so that we could get into the main building. Of course, the ticketing people can’t actually check you in for the flight. Time check – 18:25 (flight was scheduled to depart at 18:45).

At this point we assume we’ve missed our flight, but this being India we rush to the checkin desk with our bags and find out we’re ok, they haven’t started boarding yet. They mark our bags with “Late Arrival” tags and away we go through security.  Delhi’s domestic terminal is basically one big room (the advantage of shuttles taking you from the gate to your plane), and you don’t go down to the gates until boarding starts. Around 19:05 (20 min after our scheduled departure), we start boarding. Then boarding stops after 15 people. Then we are dismissed back to the waiting area since there’s a problem with the plane. Finally our flight is rescheduled to 22:30 since they need a new plane.

The new time works, however we now land at 1:15 instead of 21:30. Originally Sean was going to meet us at the airport, but with the new late arrival time we decided to take a cab to his place instead. Turns out our adventure wasn’t quite over yet.

Cab drops us off at the address we gave him, but the description wasn’t quite how Sean described it. If we had been more alert we would have used the cabbie’s cell phone to call Sean, but instead we got out and started looking for Sean’s apt. No dice, but there were some people awake upstairs from where we were dropped off and we went to see if they could confirm we were at least in the right general neighborhood. Turns out they are good friends of Sean, invited us in for a drink, called Sean over, and we wound up all hanging out until 4:30AM. Ah, India!

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