Gloria Highlights, Week 14

Our playful little Globug really hammed it up for the camera this week; so much so that I had trouble choosing highlights for this post (you can find other cute photos that didn’t make the cut at the beginning of her Fourth Month photo set). We experienced what was probably our most fun bath time this week, as Gloria made an incredible discovery: splashing. Kenny and I got soaked, but we didn’t discourage her as we were having a blast.

This weekend, we took Gloria on her first post-partum trip to Portland, to meet up with Shawn and Jessica. She slept for most of the drive, waking for a feeding about 30 minutes before we reached our destination. While in Portland, we shared a room with Gloria for the first time since she transitioned to her crib, which gave us an opportunity to test-drive the Peapod we purchased for Thailand. The Peapod seemed to work fine, but we noticed that Gloria had a horrible time sleeping because she spent most of the night fighting to get out of her swaddle blanket. In fact, she writhed around so much that in the morning I found her lying next to the tent (note to self: close the zipper). Once we got home, we decided to ditch the swaddle cold turkey. She seems to be getting more restful sleep as a result, as evidenced by the fact that she generally wakes up in the same part of the crib where I put her down. One S down, four more to go.

Daddy may be napping, but I want to play!

Bath time
Bath time fun

All clean
All clean!

Stroller toys
Fascinated by her new stroller toys

With Uncle Shawnie
Joking around with Uncle Shawnie in Portland

Nap with a view
Nap with a view (of downtown Portland, from the grounds of the Pittock Mansion)

Gloria Highlights, Week 13

The big family project this weekend was adding a six-foot vinyl yellow giraffe to the wall of Gloria’s nursery. We also took advantage of the sunny weather this week and had some long walks around town. In Madison Valley, Gloria made friends with Nohra, the owner of Ines Patisserie. She also had another delicious brunch at Café Flora, and checked out the grand opening of New York Cupcakes (verdict – attractive but not nearly as tasty as Cupcake Royale). Gloria ended her week with another visit to her favorite dim sum restaurant, Jade Garden. Sporting her helpful onesie, all the staff are getting to know her name and there was a chorus of “Goodbye Gloria”s upon our departure.

Loving her bouncy chair

Chilling with Daddy
I love you Daddy, but why are we in matching outfits today?

Hello, my name is Gloria
Which dim sum should I choose? I don’t like siu maai, but maybe some ha gaau…

Gloria Highlights, Week 12

Gloria has been getting more comfortable with her social smile, although it’s still difficult to catch on film. It turns out she likes to smile at us, not our camera. However, we get no end of enjoyment seeing her gummy grin each morning when she wakes.

But perhaps the most amazing discovery this week was the Globug Dance Party™. She loves cheesy pop music with strong, simple beats (Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake are her faves), and she’s got some serious moves. As soon as she can stand up, it’ll be time for a Dance Central face off.

Produced locally
This adorable little munchkin was made right here in Seattle

Produced locally

Naptime in the Ergo

All she wants to do is dance

Gloria Highlights, Week 11

Gloria experienced her first Rosh Hashana this week, and celebrated the new year with a transition of her own: the first night of sleep in her own room. She hadn’t even set foot into her crib until then, but she took to the digs immediately. Mommy, daddy, and baby are all sleeping better as a result.

This weekend Gloria got to know the Shapiro clan, and continued her Seattle restaurant tour with a delicious brunch at Luc.

Doing her best George Costanzo impression

Hello Grandma Helene!

Gloria adores her mommy

Happy to meet you Uncle Dan

My name is Gloria and I am sleeeeepy

Elan was very sweet to our little Globug

Gloria Highlights, Week 10

I had fun with the Globug at home this week,as we settled back into a routine after our exciting Bay Area trip. We played at home, enjoyed the farmers market, and attended Tio Gio’s birthday party. She’s been cooing and just being generally adorable, of course. Evenings have gotten a bit difficult, as we’ve recently started experiencing a consistent “witching hour” at 7pm on the dot. Is this typical evening fussiness? A growth spurt? A wonder week? Time will tell, I suppose, but for now we’re getting a bit of practice with our 5 S’s.

Oh, and she met the president.

Tamil pride
Showing off her Tamil pride

Caught on video
Caught on video


Local and organic
Local and organic

With daddy
Joking around with daddy

Barack Obama
Hangin’ with her pal Barack

Barack Obama


We are taking Gloria on her first international trip in November, to visit our Burmese friends in northwest Thailand. This plan, of course, requires Baby G to obtain a passport, which in turn requires us to snap a passport photo. There are a number of requirements for a passport photo, including:

  • The subject must be looking directly at the camera
  • The subject’s eyes must be open
  • The subject must have a “natural expression”
  • There may be no other people (or their hands, etc.) in the shot
  • The subject’s head must not be tilted to one side or the other
  • The composition must match the template below:


(The State Department’s website does offer a useful tool to help you crop a photo based on the template.)

Any one of these requirements would be difficult to fulfill with a newborn, but the combination seemed almost impossible. Fortunately we caught Gloria in a quiet alert mood on Monday night, and we had a hilarious photo shoot. Here are the shots that most closely matched the guidelines:

Passport photo 1
Her head was cocked a bit, and she was clearly looking to her left, but the overall framing was close

Passport photo 2
Head cocked a bit to the other side, but sooo cute, no?

Passport photo 3
We thought this one was the most compliant. I’m not certain that the expression will qualify as “natural,” but hopefully it’ll pass muster

We’re hoping that the passport office will be a bit lenient on the requirements for an infant, given what a daunting task it is to obtain a conforming mug shot.

Once we had chosen a photo, there was only the question of how to get it printed. Normally I’d just upload it to Walgreens’ photo site and go pick it up in an hour, but there was no option on the site for printing a 2×2. No matter, given that you can fit six 2x2s into a 4×6, and there are even convenient utilities like PortraitBooth that will enable you to do this in just a couple clicks (apologies to our friends at Adobe, this was just much easier than Photoshop).

6 photos in a 4x6

Et voila, six passport photos for 19 cents. If you’ve been paying $10 for 2 photos, you’ve been overpaying by over 150x.

Gloria Highlights, Week 9

This week was chock full of highlights. Gloria slept 7 hours continuously one night (and is averaging around 6 hours for her long stretch). This weekend she took to the air for the first time and enjoyed a festive weekend with my in-laws in San Francisco. In addition to her test flight, we also had a Halloween test drive courtesy of a ridiculous cow costume from Grandma Sandra.

Finally, on her two month birthday today, Gloria fit into her first “3-6 month” outfit. We celebrated this event (and her good spirits today) with a brilliant passport photo shoot. They grow up so quickly.

Silly Uncle Shawnie
I want to eat the little fingers

Grandma H and Baby G Grandpa M and Baby G
Glowing grandparents

At the Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge could only keep the afternoon nap at bay for a few minutes

Three Lavoie generations
Three generations of Lavoie

Showing off her 3-6 month clothing
That’s right, I’m already in 3-6 month clothes, what you gonna do about it?

Gloria Highlights, Week 8

Week 8 was a quiet one in the Klauria household, with all of our guests having returned home and Kenny putting in some longer hours at the office to catch up on the backlog that accumulated while they were here. Gloria and I enjoyed low-key activities at home for much of the week. She flashed a few smiles, but I haven’t been able to catch any on film yet.

The week did end with a bit of excitement though – we took Gloria in for her 2-month well-child visit, including her first round of vaccinations. She clocked in at 11 pounds, 12 ounces, and 23 1/4 inches long. She handled her shots pretty well with just a bit of crying, but just as we were finishing up a Discovery Park nature walk a few hours later she started wailing in pain. I couldn’t do anything to console her, but was able to get home quickly and fortunately some baby Tylenol did the trick in short order. We’ll be better prepared for her 4-month pokes.

Hello monkey
Hello Mr. Monkey

Funny face 
I’m gonna pump you up

Tummy timeTummy time
Tummy time on the Boppy

Happy baby pose
Happy baby pose

Sweet babySweet baby
My sweetie

Touching toes

Shanghai Garden
Sleeping while mommy and daddy enjoy Szechuan eggplant