Gloria Highlights, Week 7

This week featured a multitude of visitors – Grandma Judy and Grandpa Paul arrived on Wednesday to beat the Labor Day rush. They had quality bonding time, and Grandma Judy (from memory!) put Gloria to sleep by reciting “Goodnight Moon.” Gloria also played host to Aunt Ilene, Uncle Erik, Vidya Auntie, and my college buddy Mark for the long weekend. She was delighted to meet so many exciting people!

We also took Gloria on her first trip to the mountains. Snug as a Glo-bug in her Moby wrap, she summited her first mountain on a family hike to Little Si. She didn’t even break a sweat.

Gloria and Grandma Judy
Comfy in Grandma Judy’s arms

Practicing her social smile
Practicing her social smile

Playing with Vidya Auntie
Chilling with Vidya Auntie

Family album cover
Pausing on the trail of Little Si for our family album cover shot

At the summit of Little Si
Hanging out at the summit of Little Si

Three Wolf generations
Enthusiastic about being with Daddy and Grandma Judy

Gloria Highlights, Week 6

Gloria’s Grandpa Gary and Grandma Lynn came to Seattle to meet her this week, and we had a great time. Our whale-watching trip was certainly a highlight, featuring a number of firsts for Gloria: her first long car ride, her first two (!) boat trips, her first time in Canadian waters, and her first time coming face-to-face with a large mammal.

Kenny and I also had our first “date” without the Globug while Gary and Lynn were here; the grandparents watched the baby while we enjoyed our 5-year anniversary dinner at Spinasse. It was fun, although of course we spent much of our dinner talking about our sweet baby. She was in very good hands while we dined, and we found her sleeping peacefully on Gary’s lap when we returned (apparently he stayed in the same position for 2 hours to avoid waking her).

Green Lake strollers
Babies at Green Lake: Charlotte, Jack, Lionel, and Gloria

Sporting some cool new shades near the University District farmers market

Dinner with Grandpa Gary
Getting her first feeding from Grandpa Gary

Hey! You!

Her first visit to Marination Mobile, wearing the awesome Marination shirt that Kamala and Roz sent

Gloria Highlights, Week 5

We had Gloria all to ourselves for her fifth week. She is clocking in at 9.5 pounds and has outgrown most of her “newborn” sized clothes. The steady stream of visiting grandparents resumes tomorrow.

Play time
Play time with mommy

In a watermelon hat
Sporting her watermelon hat (courtesy of Aunt Laura and Uncle Aaron)

Gloria’s first multi-mile walk at Greenlake

She’s starting to enjoy bath time a little more than before

Nap time
Nap time

First 0-3 month outfit Another 0-3 outfit
Her first “0-3 month” outfits

Going RED

After bidding farewell to Grandpa Moose at Sea-Tac, Gloria had her first Target experience. She loved seeing how much of the store matched her car seat, and she took to the adventure well. Her parents had a lot of fun carting her around and documenting her reactions.

Flashing her gang sign
Flashing her patented gang sign

Enjoying the ride in her shopping cart
Loving the shopping cart ride

Spongebob squarepants has an appetite for little ones
Surprise! SpongeBob SquarePants!

Gloria Highlights, Week 2

The Globug’s second week was an exciting one for the clueless but adoring new parents – we really got to start settling in with her at home, and Grandma Helene arrived to begin her two-week visit. If the shots below don’t satisfy your Gloria itch, you can find all of her photos here.

She slept in a suitcase for a few nights, before we managed to acquire a bassinet. It’s already hard to believe she was ever this tiny.

With Grandma Helene after eating pho in the I-District

All swaddled up and cozy

Her first time in the Moby Wrap – on a walk in Volunteer Park

Getting dried off after her first bath – an experience she wasn’t so sure about

Playtime with mommy

Faces of Jadon

It’s been four and a half months since we last saw our nephew. In that time he’s gotten even more cute and expressive, and it looks like the blue eyes might be here to stay. He also drools a lot more. See for yourself:

Looking coy

Mr. blue eyes Drool
Pre-wedding postures

The guys in their tuxes
Jadon was a little worn out by the time the wedding was about to begin, but he still looked dapper in his little tuxedo

Bad ass look Hanging in the stroller

Drool central
Drooling all over Chinatown

Ilene and Erik’s Wedding

This weekend my little sister pulled out all the stops for her wedding festivities on Long Island. For the main event, Lauren got to wear the dress we had made in Thailand, and courtesy of family courier services, my tuxedo and accouterments met me in New York. We had a great time, and I can’t believe it’s over already. As I write this, Ilene and Erik are en route to New Zealand for their honeymoon and Lauren and I get to babysit their apartment for the remaining few days of our stay in NY.

Congratulations Ilene and Erik!

Starting early on the champagne

Mom getting made up
Pre-wedding hair and makeup (and mimosas) in the bridal suite

My beautiful wife Me and grandma Rosie
Lauren in her Indian-Thai dress, me escorting Grandma Rosie down the aisle

Laura the maid of honor with two escorts
The maid of honor, my sister Laura, is so beautiful that she needed two best men as an escort

The married couple

You may kiss the bride
The happy couple

Father-daughter dance
Father-daughter dance

Meeting Our Nephew

This weekend in Miami we spent most of our non-wedding hours hanging out with Laura, Aaron, and our six-week old nephew Jadon. He’s adorable, good natured, and already gets along well with Dante (Laura and Aaron’s dog).

chilling with auntie Lauren
Relaxing with auntie Lauren while Dante keeps watch

playing on uncle Kenny's lap
Chilling on uncle Kenny’s lap

Father and son Mother and son
Smiles for Daddy and Mommy

Laura, Jadon, and Dante
Laura taking care of her two dependents