Chowmahalla Palace

Our final sightseeing stop in Hyderabad was Chowmahalla Palace, former home of the Nizams, the ruling dynasty of Hyderabad and incidentally some of the richest people in India. A few shots of the grounds below; unfortunately we couldn’t photograph the interiors of most of the buildings, which featured historical photographs of the Nizams, as well as many swords and other artifacts that they collected over many generations. Kenny’s favorite was an old wooden clock from London, comprised of over 1000 parts. They also had many vintage American and Italian automobiles on display, but I seem to have put the camera away by the time we reached that section of the grounds.


Vivek loves chandeliers


Chocolate Room!

Last night we had a very entertaining Dalvi outing. After a fabulous home cooked dinner, we headed to The Chocolate Room for dessert. The Chocolate Room has 20 pages of desserts, from waffles to sundaes and cakes. Their house-made chocolate sauce is tasty, but what really made this excursion memorable was Tanvi and Vihan. Vivek casually mentioned “this new dessert place”, and all of a sudden Vihan jumped up and declared “CHOCOLATE ROOM!” This exclamation was then repeated every few minutes (I wish I had an audio recording, as text doesn’t describe how amusing this was). On the 20 minute drive over, Tanvi and Vihan were excitedly talking over each other with stories interrupted with the occasional “CHOCOLATE ROOM!” All of this at 10PM before the sugar rush. Surprisingly enough, they were more sedate after gorging on chocolate cake!

Vihan showing off some of his dessert

Tanvi enjoying her chocolate cake

Chocolate pancake with chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce (aka “Death by Chocolate”)