All Systems Go

Back in the old days, when we only had one kid, it was easy enough to maintain many of the spontaneous behaviors of our prior DINK lifestyle. For example, we could decide what to have for dinner based on what we were in the mood for at the moment, and even pop into the grocery store on a whim if we were missing an ingredient. Because Gloria was a consistently good sleeper with an early bedtime, we had our evenings to ourselves and could use the time however we liked. It was relatively easy for one of us to disappear in the evening for a yoga class or to meet up with a friend. We even had significant free time to devote to this blog, as evidenced by our careful documentation of Gloria’s first two years. Looking back at that time, I now believe that it doesn’t take much in the way of planning or lifestyle adjustment to manage one child — you may need to adapt your schedule, but you can get by without being terribly organized.

It’s when you have two kids that things get chaotic (and now we have three – yikes!) Kenny and I, having spent enough time managing software projects, zealously believe that the way to counter chaos is with systems. Until I reflected on it today, I didn’t even realize quite how many systems we had devised for managing our household. And given that we still feel like things are out of control much of the time, we likely need more! Here are a few useful systems we have in place:

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Gloria has taken to playing with our SLR and retouching our photos. She has figured out how to toggle the display, cycle through photos, and then selectively edit the ones she is interested in.

Below are the original (untouched) on the left, and Gloria’s adjustments (also untouched except by her) on the right. I think you’ll agree that she has quite the eye for presentation.

Cal hat old Cal hat new
Daddy, I look cute in this hat, but it’s better in black & white

Matroishka old Matroishka new
The lighting isn’t right for color here, let’s do it in sepia

Headband old Headband new
Today I’m feeling selenium

giraffe old giraffe new
Sepia is still my favorite, it’s a classic look

Zoomazium before Zoomazium after
Daddy, we need to enhance the color on this photo (aside: I didn’t even know our camera did that!)

Halloween old Halloween new
On Halloween, things need to be a spooky black and white

New Camera

Unfortunately our little Canon point-and-shoot mysteriously disappeared from our checked bag on the flight from Chennai back to Bangalore. I don’t know what I was thinking when I put it in the checked bag rather than the carry-on. Fortunately, we didn’t lose too many photos (we’ve mostly been using the SLR), and camera shops are plentiful in Bangalore. Here’s the first photo we took in the camera shop with our new IXUS 95 IS (which is the same model as the PowerShot SD1200 IS that is sold in the US).