Little Vid does England

More Little Vid, this time in the UK. As always, you can follow her adventures here.

Ironically enough, we failed to snap any photos of our favorite rubber ducky in Bath. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but I suppose we were still pretty jet-lagged at that point.

Little Vid at Stonehenge
Little Vid at Stonehenge

Little Vid meets Shalini
Little Vid meets regular Vid’s good friend Shalini, in London

Little Vid and the Elephant
Little Vid and an elephant of the Motherland

Little Vid and the Eye
Little Vid didn’t get a chance to ride the London Eye

Little Vid meets Big Ben
Little Vid meets Big Ben

The Full English

Last night, while asking about dietary constraints, our B&B proprietor discovered that I had never experienced a “full English breakfast.” He promised to pull out all the stops this morning so that I could get a “proper” start to the day. The meal began innocuously enough:

Breakfast appetizer
Fruit, homemade yogurt, coffee, (juice, and toast not pictured)

Then he brought this out:

Full English breakfast
Surrounding the beans, clockwise from top: fried egg, black pudding, fried tomato, three slices bacon, fried mushrooms, two sausages

In front of me was more pork then I usually eat in a year, but in honor of my host I tried everything on the plate. It may have been my jet-lagged stomach, but I only made it halfway through the meats and did feel a little ill afterwards. Fortunately Jess and Jake (the proprietor’s two English hounds) were hungry and really enjoyed the remaining pork products. Conclusion: my first Full English was probably my last.

Lethargy in the UK

We landed in Heathrow this morning, and our groggy bodies somehow found their way to the bus terminal. Having decided that we’d recover from our jet lag in the English countryside before venturing into London, we boarded a bus to Woking and then caught a train to Salisbury, home of the eponymous cathedral and, of course, everyone’s favorite henge.

During our short layover in Woking, we popped into M&S and purchased a very nice English breakfast; quite different, I am sure, from the ones we’ll be consuming at our B&Bs in Salisbury and London.

Kenny shows off his M&S breakfast: free range egg and watercress sandwich, “fabulous fruit collection” and organic Greek yogurt

If we can keep ourselves awake (I sense a cappuccino in my future), we’ll check out the cathedral and Stonehenge this afternoon. Both are sites that I visited with my father and brother back when I was a teenager, though Kenny has never been. At some point tomorrow we plan to catch a train to Bath.