Portlandia Pornucopia

No, I’m not referring to the multitude of strip clubs in this otherwise wholesome little hipster town. I’m talking about food porn, of course. Portland is an oasis of food carts and other general deliciousness. Here are a few things we enjoyed last weekend:

Breakfast burrito
Chicken mole (and crack-filled) breakfast burrito from Maya’s

Arancine – balls of saffron risotto with veggies and mozzarella, deep-fried for good measure – from Garden State

Arbor Lodge
The Arbor Lodge from the Big Egg – quite possibly the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. We enjoyed this tasty creation two days in a row. And yes, we had two breakfasts on Saturday morning.

Pear-gorgonzola pizza
Pear-gorgonzola pizza from Deschutes – where Tommy commemorated 21 years with a 6-beer sampler

Voodoo donuts
Fried creations from Voodoo Donuts – cute, but they looked much better than they tasted

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