Aloha Kauai

While Kenny and I were in Oslo last December, a confluence of events led us to purchasing a couple of airline tickets to Kauai for the first week of May:

  • We had a companion ticket we needed to use before its mid-December expiration
  • We figured we’d want to spend a week somewhere nice for our last real vacation before there were more of us
  • We were in Oslo, and hence cold

So here we are, in sunny, beautiful, humid island paradise. We arrived around lunch time today, and spent the remainder of the day making our way slowly up the coast to get settled into the apartment we’ve rented for the week in Ha’ena, on the North Shore. While here, we plan to do some hiking, snorkeling, gorging on tropical fruit, serious beach lounging, perhaps a helicopter ride, and a lot of chilling out. Perhaps one of the most valuable things our sabbatical taught us was how to be beach bums, and we certainly don’t want to let those skills atrophy just because we’ve reentered the real world and reassumed responsible adulthood status.

First view of Kauai
Our first view of the island

25-week belly with a view

There are feral chickens and roosters all over this island

50% off Passover Products
Picking up some essentials at Foodland in Kapa’a. We couldn’t resist 50% off all Passover products, so decided we’d be making whole wheat matzoh meal pancakes for breakfast.

Lauren on beachKenny on beach
Frolicking on the driftwood-strewn beach across the street from our rental apartment

DSelf portrait

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