Packing Errors

Overall, I think we did well with our packing for this fall. We packed very light in the clothing department, assuming we would shop. We have purchased a few things, although not nearly as many as I thought we would, which means we’re cycling through the same clothing every few days. But we still have time to remedy that. :)

There are a few things we brought with us that we haven’t used at all:

  • Binoculars
  • Headset (in my defense, I had argued against packing this, as our laptop has a microphone anyway)
  • Long underwear (would’ve been useful for a longer trek in Nepal)
  • Wall adapters for various electronics
  • Spare bottles of sunscreen (why am I carrying four bottles of sunscreen?)

The one thing I don’t have that I really really wish I had is a pair of jeans. I brought a pair of convertibles and a pair of cargos and that’s it (great for hiking in Nepal, not so great for going out to restaurants and bars in Bangalore). I asked Archana where she usually buys jeans and her answer was, “not in India.” Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Packing Errors”

  1. You should totally get decent jeans in Blore. Try a Levi’s or a Lee showroom. When I was in Blore, I had purchased my jeans at Levi’s.

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