RE: Tourist Spicy

Last time we were in Thailand, I complained that it was difficult to find anyone who would prepare spicy food for their Caucasian clientele. Perhaps we were just visiting the wrong restaurants last time around, because over the past week on Phuket and Ko Lanta, finding tongue-numbingly hot Thai food has not been a problem. Spice level certainly varies by restaurant, but we’ve found that if we ask with authority for the food to be prepared spicy, it will always be at least adequately spiced (minimum of 3-4 stars on a decent Seattle Thai restaurant’s scale). Sumalee’s 6-star spicy mango salad on Phuket was probably the spiciest thing I’ve ever eaten (with the possible exception of when I decide to eat Indian green chilies raw for no apparent reason besides stupidity).

Super spicy tom yum goong at Cook Kai on Ko Lanta

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