Family Travel Plans

My brother Shawn, his girlfriend Jessica, and my dad are coming to visit us in Thailand next month! Shawn and Jessica are actually already in India on a business trip (in Bangalore, coincidentally enough!), and will be tacking on their Thailand swing as a 2-week vacation afterwards. My dad will be flying from LA to join them.

My dad is not exactly fluent with technology (although we did create a Gmail account for him a while back, I don’t think he’s logged on in at least a year), so when it comes to things like booking flights, he usually gets some help from his secretary and his wife. We were very excited to receive his booked itinerary yesterday, but the way we got it was certainly peculiar: I received an email from my mom with a .tif attachment, which was a fax she had received from my dad of an email that my stepmom had received from China Air, and had printed and annotated with some handwritten notes. Whatever works, I guess. In any case, I’m thrilled that they’re coming!

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