LP available on the Kindle!

One thing that takes up space (and weight) in the pack are guidebooks. Before we left the states, we searched for Kindle versions of any guidebook for India/Nepal to no avail. Tonight when we were online waiting for today’s torrential downpour to end we noticed that Lonely Planet has just published Kindle versions of most (all?) of their guidebooks, including the new version of Nepal that was published a few weeks ago (after we had already left the States; we have the previous version from 2006). It looks like our local travel guru Rick Steves is starting to Kindle-ize his catalog as well.

Of course, the Kindle version may be of limited use in the field – a paperback LP may mark you as a tourist, but it certainly doesn’t attract any extra attention…

3 thoughts on “LP available on the Kindle!”

  1. that’s awesome!!! i bought the pdf versions for paris and tried to send it to my kindle – it sucked.

    Agreed though about traveling with the kindle. Realized that carrying it around South Africa may be kinda stupid. :)

  2. that’s great news! and I agree about the ostentatiousness factor. I was reading my Kindle in Buenos Aires just before mine got stolen :( Too bad the international one didn’t come out till after you left!

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