That’s Nacho Khan Chacha!

After a fantastic dinner of roomali rolls at Khan Chacha, I became a fan of their Facebook group. As a result, I found out today that the purveyors of grilled meats were tossed out of their space in Khan Market due to a major dispute with their landlord. At the crux of the dispute is the legal ownership of the name Khan Chacha. Coverage by the local media here, here and here.  I hope the Salim brothers resolve this dispute and reopen before we return to Delhi in December!

DeAnn, I hope you enjoyed the title :)

Khan Chacha


For dinner on our first night in Delhi, Meera recommended that we try out Khan Chacha, a hole in the wall that serves grilled meats either straight up or as roomali rolls. A roomali roll is meat with onions and yogurt sauce wrapped in a large roomali roti.


There are basically three choices at Khan Chacha – Seekh Kebab (ground mutton), Chicken Tikka, or Paneer Tikka. Normally 1-2 rolls make a meal. Given that this was my last meal before Yom Kippur (and I didn’t really have a proper lunch), I ordered one of each roomali roll. Lauren had the chicken and paneer tikka rolls.

They were absolutely delicious! The Seekh Kebab was the spiciest and got me sweating a bit. The chicken was charred, very flavorful, and medium spiciness. The paneer offered a softer texture variation along with very mild spices.

So far this is my favorite “fast food” in the region, and we’ll be sure to come back on our return trip through Delhi!

The Salim brothers at work making kebabs


Happiness is double fisting Seekh Kebab and Chicken Tikka rolls

Khan Chacha
New Delhi, India